Art Contest

Hey Battle Buddies! In honor of the Battleborn day and the game's second anniversary we're organizing an art contest. The theme is "What is your favorite thing about Battleborn?" and everyone is welcome to participate. Share your work with us by posting it in this thread, or on Twitter using #Art4Solus.

The submitted works will be judged by Beya and there will be 5 winners in total.

1st Place
2nd Place
  • 3 SHiFT Codes
3rd Place
  • 2 SHiFT Codes

Two runner-ups will also receive a code each.

You're free to use any method or medium of your choosing. The deadline for the submissions is May 6th. Should you want to change your entry, just submit a new one but only the latest work will be judged.

  1. Don’t break the forum rules or the game’s rating with your entry. That means no NSFW.
  2. Your entry must be created for this contest. No old or previously created pieces.
  3. You’re encouraged to create in any format you want, e.g. writing or composing, but only visual pieces will be judged.
  4. Only Battleborn art is accepted, no crossovers. Art for Solus, of Solus.

We're excited to see many creative creations and learn what are your favorite things about the game! Good luck, but more importantly have fun!

If you are submitting to the GBX Forums, you need to include the #Art4Solus hashtag in your post otherwise it won't get added to the gallery below!

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