Magnus "lowlibot"

This is the documentation page for the Discord "lowlibot" that allows users to search for gear using data pulled from my website.

While this bot was created specifically for use Unofficial Battleborn Discord Server, it can also be installed on other servers by server admins that wish to use it. Though not a requirement, it would be good to let me know if you are running it on another server just so I have a rough of idea of who is using it.

How to Use

You can ask it to find gear using !gear <query>

Be aware there is a 5 second delay between requests to reduce spamming.

Matches are also limited to 15 per page, but you can use !gear page # <query> to see more.

Use !gear -all <query> to return all matches at once.

Custom Queries

The bot also works with a variety of custom queries that will return filtered results similar to what you can get while using the filter options in the Gear Search app.

Boss Drops

Use !gear <boss|mission> drop <difficulty> to return a list of unique boss drops.

Note that Normal drops can also drop on Advanced.

Valid Mission / Boss Queries

  • The Algorithm: <algorithm>
    • H3NCHM4N: <h3nchm4n|henchman>
    • Geoff: <geoff>
    • Galactic Emperor: <galactic|emperor>
    • ISIC: <isic>
  • Void's Edge: <void(s)+edge>
    • Warlord Nix: <nix>
    • Varelsi Conservator: <void+conservator>
  • The Renegade: <renegade>
    • Jailer Hylis: <hylis>
  • The Archive: <archive>
    • Bagranth the Gunhulk: <bagranth|gunhulk>
  • The Experiment: <experiment>
    • Supervisor Antem: <antem>
    • Varelsi Conservator: <experiment+conservator>
  • The Sentinel: <sentinel>
    • Guardian Vyn: <vyn>
    • Guardian Arc: <arc>
    • The Old Sentinel: <old+sentinel>
  • The Saboteur: <saboteur>
    • Thrall Shift Supervisor Varl: <supervisor|varl>
    • Varelsi Maligner: <maligner>
    • Foreman Grall: <foreman|grall>
  • The Heliophage: <heliophage>
    • Rendain: <rendain>
  • Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion: <attikus+(dlc|rebellion|drop)>
    • Sister Aria: <aria>
  • Toby's Friendship Raid: <toby+(dlc|raid|drop)>

Valid Difficulty Queries

  • Normal: <normal|nm>
  • Advanced: <advanced|adv>


Use !gear <dlc|ops> to return a list of DLC Legendaries.


Use !gear <rarity> <faction> lootpack to return items found in loot packs.

Only Legendaries will be returned by default, but you can optionally specify a rarity by name or color.

Valid Faction Queries

  • LLC: <llc>
  • Eldrid: <eldrid>
  • Peacekeepers: <upr|peacekeeper(s)>
  • Rogue: <rogue>
  • Jennerit: <jennerit>

Valid Rarity Queries

  • Common: <common|white>
  • Uncommon: <uncommon|green>
  • Rare: <rare|blue>
  • Epic: <epic|purple>
  • Legendary (Default): <legendary|orange>

Character Legendaries

Use !gear <character> to return a character's unique Legendary.

Valid Character Queries

  • Ambra: <ambra>
  • Attikus: <attikus>
  • Benedict: <benedict>
  • Boldur: <boldur>
  • Caldarius: <caldarius>
  • Deande: <deande>
  • El Dragon: <el+dragon>
  • Galilea: <galilea>
  • Ghalt: <ghalt>
  • ISIC: <isic>
  • Kelvin: <kelvin>
  • Kleese: <kleese>
  • Marquis: <marquis>
  • Mellka: <mellka>
  • Miko: <miko>
  • Montana: <montana>
  • Orendi: <orendi>
  • Oscar Mike: <oscar+mike>
  • Phoebe: <phoebe>
  • Rath: <rath>
  • Shayne & Aurox: <shayne|shayne+aurox>
  • Thorn: <thorn>
  • Toby: <toby>
  • Whiskey Foxtrot: <whiskey+foxtrot>
  • Alani: <alani>
  • Pendles: <pendles>
  • Ernest: <ernest>
  • Kid Ultra: <kid+ultra>

Community Legendaries

Use !gear community to get a list of custom Legendaries based on Community Members.
You can also query their online handles with !gear <username>.

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