The LLC thanks you for your commitment to a clean and efficient cosmos! In accordance with our recycling initiatives, we wish to reward those who demonstrate exceptional aptitude in - - - MY SMITING SUBROUTINES ARE RESTLESS INDEED! MINREC REQUIRES APPEASEMENT! COMPLETE THE DAILY CHALLENGES I ISSUE AND TAKE SCREENSHOTS TO PROVE YOUR DEVOTION! MY FAVORITE ACOLYTES WILL BE REWARDED! THE OTHERS WILL BE KIIIIIIIILLED!!!

Please pay heed to MINREC’s demands! It’s no small secret that our Minerals Reclamation and Recycling Magnus has taken his job a little too seriously since the Magna Carta went offline. He’s locked us all in a (yet) dormant compactor unit for the past three years! He asks that we send him pictures of the menial tasks we complete via Twitter, using the hashtag #FeedMINREC, in order to secure our freedom. I don’t even know what Twitter is?! Please! You must help us! My dog is all alone, and I’m terrified Sister Aria is out there!

Seriously! Just follow @MINREC_Magnus on Twitter to see his daily challenges for Battleborn Day, and tweet pictures of whatever he asks for using the hashtag to submit your contest entry. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll select you as his “Favorite Acolyte” instead of us.

Every day MINREC will award a SHiFT Code to the top 3 pictures for each challenge.

Challenge 1
  • 3 SHiFT Codes (1 per person)
Challenge 2
  • 3 SHiFT Codes (1 per person)
Challenge 3
  • 3 SHiFT Codes (1 per person)

On the last day of the event, MINREC will pick the overall best picture and award them a Signed Battleborn Lithograph!

You can check back on this page to see all the submissions in the gallery below, but remember that MINREC gets dibs!


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