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This blog is my little developer corner for talking about things and promoting projects I have worked on that don't fall under fanart.



Running an API-driven Community Event for Battleborn

6 November 2018 | v1.0

Back in May 2018, the Gearbox community got together to celebrate the 2nd anniversary since Battleborn launched. This article looks at how APIs can be used to run community events.


Porting Bungie's 3D Spasm Library to Three.js

23 March 2018 | v1.0

For Destiny 1, Bungie developed their own in-house WebGL renderer for the Character Inspector and Armory on called Spasm. This article goes through the process involved with porting it to Three.js.



DiscordJam (2018)

A mini game jam run through Discord made up of folks who met via Battleborn.

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