DiscordJam (2019)

DiscordJam is a mini game jam run through Discord. It is made up of awesome passionate folks who met via Battleborn.

One day we decided to get together and have a go at making a game. Rather than join an existing jam, we chose to run our own private jam.

This page will act as a hub to learn more about it and follow our progress!



  • Move - Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow Keys
  • Pause Game - P
  • Quit Game - Q

The Jammers

These are the folks who will be participating in the game jam! Everyone was asked to think about what sort of roles they would like to have, this included roles they weren't familar with and/or were looking to get more experience!

{{jammer.roles.join(', ')}}
Flag icons designed by Freepik from Flaticon.


This game jam is being run across multiple timezones and countries! Part of the challenge will be managing folks who go to sleep and wake up at different times.

Current Time
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This tool was inspired by Every Time Zone.


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