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D1: Cayde's Request


Hey Guardian!

So listen, a while back I was rummaging through Zavala's stuff and I came across his private collection of Golden Age doodads.

One of these was a very old piece of archived footage of a game the kids back in the day used to play. They would literally spend hours running around capturing monsters in traps, *snorts* the kids in those days!

Anyway, so after I watched it, I had this cool idea about going on my own monster hunt around the solar system, only problem is that Ikora has got me mopping up the Vanguard Armory floors and she'd be super mad if I left my post to go shoot stuff.

I've compiled a list of dudes I want you to find and kill, bonus points if you can shoot them in the head. Since you are my greatest success story, you probably already have most of these, but if you could go out and do this for me, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Who knows, I might even have something for you when you get back!




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